Classroom News is a weekday morning show presented by Lucce Wada,Norman Price,Alice O'Donnell and Daniel Keighley.

It is broadcast live from the playground of the presenter's school from 10am to 12pm Monday-Friday.

It started in September 2007 -being hosted by Lucce Wada. In November Keighley joined. Price did the same in March with O'Donnell following a few weeks later.

Series two started on September 1st and finished June 27th. Classroom News will continue broadcast on September 1st this year.

In September 2010,Norman Price will take over as lead Host until June 2012 when the show will finish entirely after 5 seasons.

In September 2010,Wada,Keighley and O'Donnell will begin hosting a new equivalent show (title TBC) from secondary school.