The first "Cheesy Rock" band in the world,Anti Bacteria were founded by it's two members-Lucce Wada and Daniel Keighley.

They were signed to LTVRecords on November the 21st 2008.

They're first single "BioDegradable" was released as a download on December 15th.

"Anti Bacteria-The EP" was released Febuary 14th 2009.This featured the songs "Biodegradable","Litterbug" and "Rockstar Pudding"-the band's three greatest hits to date!

On June 6th,they released "Robots" the album. This contained the new single "Litterbug" and the tracks:


Rockstar Pudding

Germbusters(a future single)

Wash Your Hands


Board Of Life

Wear Your Shoes

and "Lightbulb"

The band tries to promote energy saving and environmental awareness.

The single "Germbusters" goes on sale November 1st 2009